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Customer Reviews

“Amazing service and all you can eat Brazilian steak, what more can you ask for? My husband and I came here for his birthday and for our 2 year anniversary and we had a great time.”
— Mary N., Santa Ana, CA, 1.20.2016

“All of the meats were cooked perfectly, and were super juicy with a perfect amount of seasoning. They even had a salmon cart, which I have never seen at a Brazilian BBQ restaurant. The seafood options here really make this place unique!”
— Alyse T., Torrance, CA, 12.22.2015

“It’s been years since I’ve been to Agora Churrascaria and recently my company had our holiday luncheon here.  We were treated to a lovely meal full of grilled meats. We all left pleasantly full of food and good cheer.”
— Trina D., Orange County, CA, 12.16.2015

“I don’t know how many times I can update and write something new since Agora has been impressively consistent since day 1.”
— Yuki M., Anaheim, CA, 9.8.2015

“The first time I had so much meat I completely blanked out. The meat is top quality. The juices flowed through with each simmering bite. I was mesmerized by every selection. ”
— Truong T., Orange, CA, 5.29.2015

“After all these years…still my favorite Brazilian bbq.  Love the atmosphere…friendly staff…excellent side side dishes…fresh salad bar…delicious cheese bread…and top quality meats.”
— Tracie S., Anaheim, CA, 2.1.2015

“My family and I came here on Father’s Day and I’d have to say, we were impressed. Although we went on a very busy day, the waiters and “gauchos” were definitely on top of everything!”
— Paulina P., Corona, CA, 6.16.2014

“This salad bar is one of the best ones I’ve seen. According to my sister, her vegetarian friend loves coming here because they have an excellent salad bar. Yes, you read that right…vegetarian in a AYCE [All You Can Eat] meat joint!”
— Michelle R., Fullerton, CA, 5.12.2014

“I might be biased on this one since I am Brazilian…I’ve been dining at Agora for years, We’ve celebrated 2 of my husband’s birthdays there, my own Birthday and many plain “craving Brazilian BBQ” dinners…”
— Tania S., Irvine, CA, 5.7.2014