1830 Main Street, Irvine, Ca 92614 | 949.222.9910

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Agora offers its guests a full-service bar, including unique Brazilian drinks, a sophisticated selection of Caipirinhas and imported Brazilian beer.

Specialty Cocktails

Original Caipirinha
– Ypioca Reserva cachaça, lime, sugar

Diplomàtico Mojito
– Diplomàtico 8 year reserve rum, mint, lime, sprite, sugar

– Captain Morgan coconut rum, DeKuyper peach schnapps, DeKuyper Razzmatazz, pineapple, cranberry, orange juice

Brazilian Mule
– Absolut vodka, guaranà, mint, lime

Brazilian Lemonade
– Non-alcoholic, hand-crafted, muddled with limes, sweetened condensed milk